Shared Resource Cloud Multi-Use System HomePage

This site is a landing page for all of the connected services using "" in its name.

These include a Files Section.

A Nextcloud Server -- think Google drive, OneDrive, Drop Box but on a private system -- This you need to contact your local person to have an administrator create an account for you.

A Jitsi video Conferencing Server (host account must be set up to initiate a meeting), participants do not need an account, just the room link.

And lastly a PBX Phone System, powered by the IncrediblePBX2021 (support forums are at webiste) on Debian 10.

Each group has a set of extensions, the System admin will set it up for you. You can then either use a softphone (file in this site section...eventually). There are also apps for both Android and iphones, or you can pick up a VOIP desk phone - Grandstream GXP1620 (no power over Ethernet) or GXP1625 POE capable are easier to set up than most.

A generic cordless phone (or any Lanline type phone really), can be used with an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) such as a Grandstream HT802 or 812 (going this route loses some features of VOIP phones).

The system administrator has some phones available to sell, Call or chat with us for more information -- just use your group's main number and dial '0' (zero) for the Operator.

Click on the image to go to that group's website (opens in a new tab/window)
Notary Public Services

Maine Notary Net
  Kevin M. Carman
W1KMC - Amateur Extra
and Volunteer Examiner
We support all types

No one fights alone
America MultiMode

  Renew for Jesus

with Pastor Rob Andle
Phone Numbers for contacting each group and their associated extension range(s)
  Voicemail Retreival IVR system: 207-307-2127 -- All Groups 207-770-1800
7001-7099 - America Multimode
Network Members
W1NOC has his own private line but connects through here also.
Extension in Maine Notary Net -- this is direct to Pastor Rob
Services in Shared Resource Space: (Click image to go to Shared Resource SubSite)

Files for groups
Old sharedfilerepo style

Login Accout Required

User Control Panel
You need your separately provided Username
and Password here

Both the UCP (to left) and
Flash Operator Panel (to Right)
Run off this.

Flash Operator Panel 2
You need your Extension
and VM PIN here.

Jitsi Video Conferencing
Conference host account needed to host/start a meeting, but not to join one.

Mastodon is like Twitter, but decentralized. Anyone can join, just follow the 5 simple "rules" and keep it civil
Special Windows Install Links Below.
RemotelyWe use this to remote into your computer to help you.

Click Dowloads on Left side
Windows: Run as Administrator

Server name on install is the same as the site link
  Enter/Use Meeting room 1
Call-in #: 207-209-4691
No Pin Needed
150 Max. participants
Enter/Use Meeting room 2
Call-in #: 207-579-4450
No Pin Needed
150 Max. participants
Enter/Use Meeting room 3
Call-in #: 207-707-7991
No Pin Needed
150 Max. participants
Rust Desk - We also can use this to remote in to help on your computer

For Windows 32 Bit: Download this file
For Windows 64 Bit: Download this one
 Rustdesk Install on Windows:  When installing on Windows - once downloaded, show in folder, Right-Click and choose Run as Administrator.
When Rustdesk comes up, you should see a Pink box on left, saying to install with the keys, do this. This locks you to the Shared Resource Private secured Rustdesk server.

The Shared Resource Cloud Multi-Use System is a project brought to you, sponsored and hosted by Kevin M Carman a Notary Public out of Hermon (Penobscot County) Maine,
as well as an Amateur Radio operator (W1KMC), and GMRS license holder (WQPI418). -- Both and point to same website as the link above. Maidenhead Gridsquare is FN54ms.